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  • Ever since I had this cake I can’t think of anything else I’d rather be eating. Or bathing in. – N. Vardalos
  • All the baked goods were awesome! I would sell my kids for those bars! – F. Gallegos
  • I must have been thanked a thousand times already. Everyone from First Republic called me individually to thank me, then they sent me a universal thank you note from the bank. The guys in the mail room sang to me and thanked me. Honestly, I have never gotten such a response from a gift giving. I guess I just have to thank your for doing such a great job. Thank you, Erin. – C. Avila
  • Your cake was a huge hit. Gorgeous and delicious. Everyone was asking for your info. Thank you so much. That was above and beyond… A triple stitch job. – P. Lord
  • Someone just sent me 2 dozen of your cupcakes and they are so amazing. I just wanted to tell you how much I LOVE you guys! – S. Howard
  • It took some fancy footwork, but I managed to get the cake up to Bacara — and served by the restaurant there — all without her knowing. And it’s embarrassing, but when she saw it, she looked like a game-show contestant. We so appreciate all the great stuff over the years. Please know that this is not just a cake to us — it’s our very favorite in almost 80 combined years of cake-eating. And please never tell us how fattening it is. – M. Sikowitz
  • I wanted to tell you that he told me again that your cupcakes are absolutely without a doubt the best (and my husband loves cupcakes!). So I broke down and had my first cookie casa cupcake last night – and they are without a doubt the BEST! – D. Chiaramonte
  • Everything was scrumptuous…absolutely wonderful. You are an artist. Truly. What a gift you have. My son agrees. His friends agree. My friends agree. My large ass agrees!!!! – D. Alexander
  • Thanks, Erin. Really appreciate all the help. The cake was effin’ amazing. Everyone was gushing over how good it was. We’ll probably be getting them for the duration of the show. – D. Booth
  • We got your chocolate cake with white frosting today (it was my writing partner’s birthday). I can honestly say it was the best cake I’ve ever had (and I’m a connoisseur). We were all rolling around the office afterward trying to figure out how we were going to get any work done since we were all buzzing from its goodness. You made eight writers very happy today. – J. Hlavin
  • After placing a dozen of the most delicious cupcakes in the kitchen for the employees to enjoy, within 5 minutes there was only one cupcake left! Cookie Casa actually means run to the kitchen as quickly as you can before they’re all gone. No wonder the Cookie Casa baskets we send out have become a very popular corporate gift. No one can resist them! – J. Daffern, John Wells Productions
  • Every year GRACE sends out Cookie Casa baskets for Christmas and every year our phones ring off the hook telling us how amazing the cookies and cupcakes were. I can honestly say there is no cupcake in Los Angeles as good as Cookie Casa’s. – L. Herz, GRACE Marketing
  • 100% Rule: Every day that includes a Cookie Casa cake is a great day. – M.Rice, United Talent Agency